Gordon Fyfe

Personal Performance Coach fully qualified with The Coaching Academy, UK

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The Coaching Academy, United Kingdom

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I coach on performance issues at work, at home and in life in general working with individuals, groups and teams. I use my native English, 25 years as a public and private sector manager and my life experience as a family man who has moved around living and working in a range of countries, to support my clients to focus on what they want – what they really, really want.

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Are you at a cross-roads and not sure which way to go? Are you looking for a confidence boost or in need of some positive strokes? Are you facing a challenge and feeling a bit daunted or a little out of your depth? These are all issues that I tackle be they at home, at work, with colleagues or family. Let’s get you moving forward, head held high and ready to engage with whatever lies ahead.

On my website ngfyfe.com you can find numerous testimonials and more information about what I do and how we can successfully work together.


Gordon Fyfe


Telephone: (+372)53 366 478

Web: www.ngfyfe.com